Biopolym. Cell. 1987; 3(3):154-156.
Short Communications
Changes of adp-ribosylation level in rabbit brain chromatin under the estradiol action
1Panosyan G. A., 1Sarkisyan E. G., 2Gevorkyan E. S., 1Karabashyan L. V.
  1. Institute of Experimental Biology, Academy of Sciences of the Armenian SSR
    Yerevan, USSR
  2. Yerevan State University, Department of Molecular Physics and Biophysics,
    Yerevan, USSR


The action of estradiol on ADP-ribosylation level in the brain chromatin of preadolescent rabbits in various periods after he :mone injection has been studied. The level of ADP-ribosylation is shown to increase during the activation of biosynthetic processes and to decrease with the lowering of the rate of these processes. The results obtained point to the possible regulatory role of ADP-ribosylation process in the hormonal activation of genetic apparatus in eucaryotes, in particular in the brain tissue.


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