Biopolym. Cell. 2006; 22(4):307-316.
Genome and Its Regulation
Exogenic DNAs may influence plant adaptation reactions to changed environment
1Katsan V. A., 1Potopalsky A. I.
  1. Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics, NAS of Ukraine
    150, Akademika Zabolotnoho Str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 03680


The original technology of obtaining the tobacco plants possessing the complex of selectively useful features (accelerated development, high productivity, and resistance to complex salinization) has been elaborated, and inheritance of the physiological and biochemical peculiarities of such plants have been investigated. To get the important and selective changes of yellow-leaved tobacco Krupnolistny 20 (KR 20, Large-leaved 20) cultivar, the native and alkylated by thiophosphamide DNA of salt-tolerant nightshade (Solanum nigrum L.) and DNA of pCAMVNEO and pTi8628 plasmids have been used. The valuable advantage of such technology is the provision of a wider range of changes and larger output of changed viable plants. The changes obtained by DNA action on tobacco and other plants exploited in technology elaboration have been analysed, and possible mechanism of exogenic DNAs influence on plant heredity has been proposed.
Keywords: solanaceous plants, exogenous DNA, alkilated by thiophosphamide DNA, chlorophylls, carotene, xanthophylls, violaxanthine, luteine, salt tolerance


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