Biopolym. Cell. 2003; 19(3):257-261.
Genome and Its Regulation
Usage of ISSR and SSR-PCR DNA-marker to Ppd genes
1Balashova I. A., 2Feit V. I., 1Sivolap Yu. M.
  1. South Biotechnological Center of Plant Cultivation
    Ovidiopol'skaya dor., 3, Odessa, Ukraine, 65036
  2. Plant breeding and Genetics Institute, National Centre of Seed and Cultivar Investigation
    Ovidiopol'skaya dor., 3, Odessa, Ukraine, 65036


SSR- and ISSR-analyses were used for creating a marker to genes responsible for the sensitivity to photoperiod, in particular, the genes PpdDIa and PpdBIa. The gene marker to PpdBIa is a polymorphic SSR-apticon of size 180 b. p. The gene marker to PpdDIa is nulle-allelic 350(–). The genotypes homozygous on PpdDIa are identified by the absence of amplification product of size 350 b. p.


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