Biopolym. Cell. 1992; 8(4):43-48.
Cell Biology
Heterogeneity of the line of human bone marrow stromal precursor cells
1Astakhova V. S., 1Taran E. V., 1Panchenko L. M.
  1. Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics MAS of Ukraine
    27, Vorovskogo Str., Ukraine, Kyiv, 01601


It has been studied the characteristics of the colony forming units of fibroblast (CFUf) by cultivation with rabbit feeder. The line of stromal precursor cells of human bone marrow is heterogenic as to its proliferative potential that is manifested with various attitude of CFUf to feeder. There are 2 fractions of CFUf: feeder dependent, forming the colonies in culture, forming the colonies in culture only with the addition of feeder and feeder independent forming the colonies without feeder. One part of CFUf forming in ordinary condition clusters, makes some additional divisions and grows to a colony, the second part of CFUf has no ability to form colonies in such condition. The heterogeneity of CFUf causes on the one hand the properties of CEUf itself, that is their proliferative potential, and on the other hand depends on the influence of microenvironment, creating by unadhesive fraction of bone marrow cells.


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