Biopolym. Cell. 1991; 7(4):51-54.
Cell Biology
Reconstituted Nicotiana forms obtained by culturing of protoplast + cytoplast fusion products
1Gevorkian R. L., 2Spangenberg H., 1Gleba Yu. Yu.
  1. Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering, Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR
    Kiev, USSR
  2. ETH Zurich
    Zurich, Switzerland


Experiments on genetic reconstitution of tobacco cells by fusion, of mesophyll protoplasts and enucleated cell fragments (cytoplast) was carried out. Technology of electrofusion of preselected pairs protoplast + cytoplast followed by individual culturing of fusion products in microdroplets of culture medium was utilized. After fusion of cells of the plastom chlorophyll-deficient mutant with cytoplasts containing 7–20 wild-type chloroplasts, in all cases plant regenerants have been obtained. In all clones tested, part of regenerates were variegated plants thus indicating presence of cytoplasmic genes of both parental sources.


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