Biopolym. Cell. 1991; 7(1):5-9.
Conceptual approach to the classification of mutations in homologous polypeptides
1Chavchanidze V. V., 1Kvinikhidze K. S.
  1. Institute of Systems Management Sciences GSPC,
    Tbilisi, USSR


As based on a notion of concept-object a computable notion «concept-biopolymer», a hypothetical generalized biopolymer, is introduced. It may be a nuclear acid (DNA, RNA), proteins, etc. This approach makes it possible: 1) to reproduce changes, taking place in the primary structure of m-RNA in the process of evolution; 2) to classify point mutations in nucleotid matrix stipulating changes in the primary protein structure; 3) to supplement the family of homologous proteins, i. e. to reproduce new proteins which, evidently, have taken place in the process of evolution, or now exist in the period of morphogenesis and differentiation.


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