Biopolym. Cell. 1990; 6(6):52-58.
A computer-aided search for giant DNA-protein complexes
1Lukina N. I., 2Soidla T. R.
  1. Leningrad Polytechnical Institute
    Leningrad, USSR
  2. B. P. Konstantinov Institute of Nuclear Physics, Academy of Sciences of the USSR
    Gatchina, Leningrad distr., USSR


Two simple programs to detect extensive spatial asymmetries of DNA were created. The programs were used to study the 2 u,m plasmid of Saccharomyces yeast. A nearly 600 bp. uninterrupted region of special spatial orientation of G-C base pairs was found covering the REP 3 locus. The anomaly was obvious when estimating the helix lead approx. 104.4 (but not at 1 ,10:0 or 10.6). It is supposed that the region corresponds to a giant non-nucleosomal DNA-protein complex supposedly of an «oozing» mechanism according to the classification by Ptashne (19*86). The complex is also indicated by some recent experimental results. The new programs can be used for searching giant DNA-protein complexes.


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