Biopolym. Cell. 1990; 6(3):75-76.
Cell Biology
The effect of biomass of the cultured polyscias filicifolia bailey cells on the levels of ATP, ADP and AMP in liver of rabbits with experimental myocardial ischemia
1Masanauskas T. K., 1Liekis A. V., 1Ivanov L. L., 2Kunakh V. A., 1Dzeja P. P., 1Bagdonaite D. A.
  1. Central Research Laboratory of Medical Academy Kaunas
    Kaunas, USSR
  2. Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR
    Kiev, USSR


The biomass of cultured Polyscias filicifolia Bailey cells has been studied for the effect on ATP, ADP and AMP level in the liver of rabbits with experimental myocardial ischemia. It is established that this preparation restores the levels of ATP and ADP as well as ATP/ADP ratio.


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