Biopolym. Cell. 1990; 6(3):24-31.
Structure and Function of Biopolymers
Low-frequency phonon Raman spectra of nucleic acid constituents: purine bases
1Govorun D. N., 1Mishchuk Ya. R., 1Zheltovsky N. V.
  1. Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR
    Kiev, USSR


Low-frequency (10 cm-1 < v < 200 cm -1) Raman spectra of polycrystalline adenine and guanine at 300 K have been studied in detail. Lattice vibration bands are identified. The conclusions about the structural properties of the investigated substances are drawn after the consideration of theoretical and experimental data including those obtained in this work. Possible applications of the obtained results in the field of biophysics are discussed.


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