Biopolym. Cell. 1989; 5(4):103-106.
Short Communications
Peculiarities of protein synthesis on endogenous mRNAs in cell-free systems from germs of the different maize forms
1Marchenko M. M., 1Oplachko L. T., 1Kostyshin S. S., 1Yazlouitskaya L. S.
  1. State University of Chernovtsy
    Chernovtsy, USSR


The activity of polypeptide synthesis on the endogenous mRNAs and poly(U) in the cell-free system from germs of the different maize forms is studied. Translational activity on the endogenous mRNAs in the cell-free system isolated from the hybrid maize germs is established to increase. The polypeptide synthesis stimulation by poly(U) in parental forms of super heterosis hybrids is higher than in generation F1.


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