Biopolym. Cell. 1989; 5(4):71-75.
Cell Biology
Uptake of oligonucleotide alkylating derivatives by the cells in the presence of substances stimulating transfection
1Boutorin A. S., 1Vlassov V. V., 1Ivanova E. M., 1Ryte A. S., 1Yurchenko L. V., 1Shishkina I. G., 1Yakubov L. A.
  1. Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR
    Novosibirsk, USSR


The effect of components facilitating transfection on the uptake of the alkylating 4-(N-2-chloroethyl-N-methylamino) -benzyl 5'-[32P]phosphamides of oligodeoxyribonucleotides of various length and structure by the L-929 mouse fibroblasts and Krebs-2 ascite carcinoma cells was investigated. Dimethylsulfoxide, DEAE-dextran and polylysine had a little or no effect on the uptake. Substantial effect has been observed when oligonucleotide derivatives were coprecipitated with the cells by calcium chloride from the phosphate buffer. Uptake of the derivatives by cells increased at least by one order of magnitude and the level of nucleic acids specific modification within the cells —by factor of 6.


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