Biopolym. Cell. 1988; 4(2):105-107.
Short Communications
Stimulation of RNA synthesis by dimethylsulphoxide depends on the developmental stage of the transformed cells culture
1Erenpreisa E. A., 1Sjakste T. G.
  1. Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine, Ministry of Public Health, Latvian SSR
    Riga, USSR


The work has been carried out by the method of quantitative pulse 3H-uridine autoradio-graphy on the line 4/21 of transformed hamster fibroblasts. As previously stated on Zaj-dela ascite hepatoma 2 h treatment with 1 % DMSO causes 2-3-fold enhancing of RNA synthesis. However, it manifests only on 24 h culture with the low ground level of RNA synthesis. The later cultures with the high RNA-synthetic activity do not respond. The trigger-like mechanism of DMSO action is discussed.


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