Biopolym. Cell. 2012; 28(2):156-160 .
Bioinformatics analysis of the secondary structure of maize whp1 gene intron 1 transcripts
1Slishchuk G. I., 1Volkova N. E., 1Sivolap Yu. M.
  1. South Plant Biotechnology Center, NAAS of Ukraine
    3, Ovidiopolska doroga, Odesa, Ukraine, 65036


Aim. Analysis of the secondary structure of maize whp1 gene intron 1 transcripts. Methods. Alignment, in silico folding. Results. Novel complex microsatellites of the whp1 gene were discovered. 74 whp1 intron 1 transcripts secondary structures were predicted. Conclusions. The influence of whp1 gene intron 1 transcripts on restoration of CMS- S sterile maize fertility has been proposed.
Keywords: bioinformatics, whp1 gene, CMS, maize, intron, secondary structure


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