Biopolym. Cell. 1985; 1(3):154-156.
Short Communications
Purification and properties of leucyl-tRNA-synthetase from the mammalian tissues
1Ivanov L. L., 1Stapulionis R. R., 1Lukosevicius L. J.
  1. Medical Institute Kaunas
    Kaunas, USSR


The method of purification of leucyl-tRNA-synthetase (LeuRS) from rabbit liver and pig myocardium is described. Two forms (EMsub>1 and E2) of LeuRS are distinguished by hydro-xylapatite chromatography of partially purified enzyme from pig myocardium. The molecular mass was calculated to be 185000 for LeuRS from rabbit liver and 158000 for EMsub>1 from pig myocardium. E2 is stated to contain aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase activities of other amino acid specificities and is a complex of enzymes with molecular mass of about 800000.


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