Biopolym. Cell. 1985; 1(1):21-25.
Biopolymers and Genome Regulation
Selectivity of mutagenic action of synthetic polynucleotides
1Alexandrov Yu. N., 1Gershenson S. M.
  1. Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR
    Kiev, USSR


Solutions of high molecular weight synthetic polyriboadenylic, polyriboinosylic, polyribouridylic, polyriboadenylic-cytidylic, polydeoxyadenylic and -polydeoxythymidylic acids injected into Drosophila melanogaster males caused a 6-16 time increase of the overall frequency of recessive lethals in the 2nd chromosome. Complementation analysis of the induced lethals showed an extremely high locus-specificity for some of these mutagens. Distribution along the chromosome of induced lethals is different for different polynucleotides. Possible mechanisms of the mutagenic action of synthetic polynucleotides are discussed.


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